Young fundraiser inspires Pampers donation to Kingston Hospital’s Neonatal Unit

17 November 2021

Kingston Hospital’s Neonatal Unit has received the generous gift of a recliner chair from Pampers, in partnership with Bliss charity. The chair is especially intended to provide parents with a comfortable place to bond with their premature babies and has been frequently utilised since its arrival.

During the early development of babies, touch is vital and contributes to the regulation of the infant’s heartbeat, improves their sleep quality, and helps them connect with the world around them. Kingston Hospital is committed to ensuring that parents are offered the space and facilities to bond with their babies, where appropriate, and therefore the recliner chair has been a wonderful addition to the Neonatal Unit.

Eight-year-old Dhillon Manku, a young ambassador for the ‘Pampers for Preemies’ campaign, inspired Pampers to donate the special chair, as he was born prematurely at Kingston Hospital and was cared for on the Neonatal Unit. Dhillon began fundraising to help premature babies at the age of four and has so far raised an impressive £21,000.

Matron Marie Richter said, “We want to give a big thank you to Pampers for donating this reclining chair to the Neonatal Unit. It has been in constant use since its arrival, giving parents a comfortable place to give skin to skin contact, or to hold their premature infant. It makes such a difference. Also, thank you to Dhillon who is an amazing fundraiser with a passion for helping to raise money to help premature infants.”

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