Why EDI matters to us

We believe in the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion to be successful as an employer.

In order to be an effective employer, it is important that we adhere to and promote the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. These are central principles for our work as a company, because they support the well-being of employees by combating discrimination in relation to each individual’s abilities or disabilities; promoting confidentially so that no one feels upset because of their beliefs or gender identity.


Engagement is vital to the work of the Trust, as it helps ensure that we are adhering to our commitment to put patients first in everything we do. It also enables us to show respect and dignity to our patients, and to ensure that they receive the high quality of care that they deserve. Furthermore, engagement allows us to show compassion to our patients, and to improve their lives through the services and care that we provide. Finally, engagement ensures that everyone in the Trust feels valued and that their voices are heard. By engaging with our patients, staff, and other stakeholders, we can continue to build an organisation that improves lives and creates a better future for everyone involved.

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture

The Trust recognises the importance of having a workforce that is diverse and reflective of the communities we serve. We believe that by building a workforce that is equipped to support people to improve their chances in life, we will help to maintain and build trust and confidence in us as an employer. People from different backgrounds and with different experiences bring fresh ideas, broader perspectives, and insights into needs and challenges. We believe that working in a diverse team helps to broadens everyone’s horizons, making for a more innovative and stimulating place to work. The Trust is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy

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