Reviewing waiting lists at Kingston Hospital

23 October 2023

As part of a national review commissioned by NHS England, we are undertaking a review of patients who are currently on our waiting lists for an appointment or procedure.

Some patients may no longer need treatment as their condition may have improved or they may have had treatment somewhere else. By making sure that our waiting lists are accurate, we can ensure that all our patients get the right treatment as quickly as possible. Messages will be sent out directing patients to our Patient Portal, where they will be able to answer a quick questionnaire to tell us if they would like to continue waiting.

Our clinical teams have reviewed our waiting lists to ensure that patients with the greatest need are treated first. We now need to confirm the information that we hold, by contacting patients to understand if there are any changes in their circumstances and if they wish to remain on our waiting list for their appointment or procedure.

By reviewing our waiting list and gathering this information we can ensure that we understand the requirements for our services, while we prioritise care for our most clinically urgent patients.

If you have any questions about logging into your Patient Portal account, or registering an account for the first time, you can find support and guidance here.

If you have any questions about your care, or this questionnaire, please contact the administration team for the department that cares for you at the hospital.

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