Volunteer falls project recognised by British Geriatrics Society

28 June 2022

Kingston Hospital’s falls prevention community exercise programme has been selected to be showcased at the British Geriatrics Society’s Frailty and Urgent Care conference in July.

The programme has been set up to help elderly residents across Kingston and Richmond to maintain their independence by matching trained volunteers to people who need support to complete exercises following a fall or injury.

Falls are one of the biggest issues resulting in hospital admission in Kingston and Richmond boroughs and this programme, run alongside Helpforce charity, who work with healthcare organisations to increase volunteering opportunities, is already leading to improved outcomes.

Through this initiative, launched in October 2021, volunteers can spend up to 8 weeks supporting patients at home by helping them to complete their exercises safely. With many of these people living alone, as well as the practical support the programme offers, patients have spoken positively about the social and emotional benefits of having regular contact with someone.

Find out more about volunteering at Kingston Hospital.

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