Volunteer falls prevention programme wins British Geriatric Society award

7 December 2022

Kingston Hospital colleagues have recently been awarded the Eva Huggins prize for the best Nurse/AHP poster at the British Geriatric Society’s autumn conference.

The poster features the work of the volunteering and physiotherapy teams and their community exercise programme, which was established last year in partnership with Helpforce charity, to reduce the risk of falls, deconditioning and loneliness in elderly residents across Kingston.

The teams’ poster included findings from the programme so far, which show fear of falls reduced by as much as 50% among patients in the programme’s initial pilot phase, and 100% of these patients showing improvements on functional fitness tests.

View the winning poster.

The volunteer falls prevention programme is open to local residents aged 65 years or older, who have had a fall in the last 12 months, are at risk of falling, or are worried about falling. For more information, speak to your Kingston Hospital physiotherapist.

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