Reflective Reading Club for Nurses

We are launching a Reflective Reading club for nurses. You must fill out the application form here, then you will receive in your email the paper or book chapter for the session, some questions to make notes on, and a calendar invite to your chosen session. 

To take part in the Reflective Reading club, you need to read the entire paper or chapter through at least once and note down your thoughts. You can do this independently or use our guidance questions. The reflective discussion will take part on teams. You must have your camera and microphone on as everyone will be asked to share their thoughts.

1.5 Hours of CPD is awarded for your reading and note-taking, and the other 1.5 hours is awarded for your taking part in a reflective discussion with other nurses and professionals within the Trust.

Once we have completed the discussion you will receive a certificate that you can use to evidence your participation. 

Unfortunately, we will have to cancel any session with a participation of less than 2 registered nurses as reflective discussions must include more than one medical practitioner. 

Choose your session from below: 

Thursday 19th October 10:00-11:30am.

Session 1: Complex illness. 

This month we will be reading the prologue to The Idea of Epilepsy by Dr Simon Shorvon. Epilepsy has a complex history reaching back hundreds of years, and yet it remains a controversial disease to define. In this session we will be reflecting on the lives of patients who have such diseases, and what healthcare staff can do to advocate for patients with chronic and complex illness. 

Tuesday 21st November 12:00-13:30.

Session 2: Medical Discrimination.

This month we will be reading the chapter “We feel pain” from Dr Annabel Sowemimo’s book, Divided: Racism, medicine, and why we need to decolonise healthcare.

Following the near miss of appendicitis in a 7-year-old Somalian patient, Dr Sowemimo reflects on the uncomfortable topic of medical discrimination in healthcare, particularly regarding disparities in the administration of pain relief to ethnic minority patients. We’ll be reflecting on what individuals and organisations can do to confront issues of medical discrimination. 

Wednesday 18th December, 15:00-16:30

Session 3: A Digital Revolution in Healthcare.

This month we will be reading the chapter “Smarter Science” contributed by Dr Isaac Kohane in The AI Revolution in Medicine: GPT-4 and beyond.

Written as a discussion with the AI language model tool, GPT-4, Paediatric physician Issac Kohane speculatively explores the possible applications of Artificial Intelligence in improving patient outcomes. We’ll be reflecting on what healthcare staff can do to prepare for the upcoming decade of digital advancement in healthcare. 

All staff are welcome to join these sessions, however we can currently only validate CPD for nurses and midwives.

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