South London Listens – 16 June (6pm – 8pm)

20 May 2021

Community leaders, the NHS and Local Authorities across South London
invite you to take urgent action to prevent a mental health crisis caused
by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Wednesday, 16 June 2021, Community Leaders from South London will be hosting an urgent community summit
on 16 June between 6-8 pm to share the top priorities for a two-year action plan which over 5,700 people have shaped
following the four-month South London Listens campaign.

Whether it is dealing with the virus itself, being impacted by unemployment, feeling isolated, or the tragedy of losing a
loved one, we have all had a very personal experience of living through this pandemic, and we know that it is not over
yet. In 2020 the UK experienced the most significant decline in GDP since the 1920s, and during the first three months
of this year, 21% of adults experienced depression, more than double the level in 2019. 67% of young people believe
that the pandemic will have a long-term adverse effect on their mental health.

For some of us, the impact of the pandemic may be short-lived, but for others, COVID-19 will cast a long shadow as they begin to rebuild their lives.

South London Listens priorities and two-year action plan

Since last year, through South London Listens, over 350 community leaders have been bringing their communities
together to talk about their personal experiences and codesign solutions that will have a lasting impact. More than 5,700 people have shared their stories and ideas. At this summit they will present their action plan around four key areas that need to be urgently tackled: social isolation, work and wages, young people and parents, and access to services.

Hundreds of members of our communities will be joined by NHS Mental Health Trusts, local authorities, voluntary sector organisations and commissioners who will all be pledging to take specific actions. By pledging their support, this summit marks the beginning of a two-year mental ill health prevention and recovery programme to turn the tide and help create strong, resilient and healthy communities.

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