Services provided


  1. Preconception care, Antenatal Diabetes -joint clinic with Obstetrics team
  2. Multidisciplinary team (MDT) clinic for people with Type 1 DM (T1DM)
  3. MDT clinic for young persons with T1DM and transition T1DM clinic – jointly with Paediatrics team
  4. Insulin pump MDT clinic
  5. Diabetes foot MDT clinic
  6. Renal diabetes clinic – jointly with Renal Clinicians
  7. Complex Type 2 Diabetes clinic
  8. Diabetes Specialist Nurse and Dietitian clinics
  9. Structured education for T1DM: DAFNE in house and online for people with T1DM on Multiple daily injections and Insulin Pump
  10. Comprehensive inpatient diabetes service
  11. Psychology support for complex patients with T1DM. This is currently provided by iCOPE to Kingston area. We would be recruiting a clinical psychologist to work alongside our team to provide access to all people with Diabetes.


We provide a service to cover a wide range of endocrine conditions involving adrenal, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, reproductive system, and late effects service for cancer survivors within our general endocrinology clinics

 We provide in reach service to patients with any endocrinology related issues during their inpatient stay.

We provide radioiodine therapy for benign thyroid disorders.

We support the thyroid nodule service provided by our ENT colleagues

We have in house multidisciplinary team meetings to discuss thyroid/parathyroid and adrenal cases with specialist Radiologists, Surgeons and Pathologist. We work closely with endocrinology and neurosurgery team at St Georges Hospital for our Pituitary patients and liaise with all regional tertiary services for any complex conditions.

Monday PM – Advanced Kidney Care Clinic – Consultant, Nurse and Dietitian
Tuesday PM (once a month) – Joint Renal/Diabetes Clinic
Wednesday PM – Nephrology Clinic
Friday PM – Nephrology Clinics

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