Research at Kingston Hospital

19 March 2021

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, our research teams and ITU teams have continued to actively screen and recruit patients for the various studies currently ongoing at Kingston Hospital, thus maintaining our contribution to international and world renowned research.

GenOMICC is a global research study that aims to discover specific genes that control the processes that lead to life-threatening illness. Once these processes are understood, there is potential to design effective treatments for infections, including COVID. Members of the Kingston Hospital based GenOMICC team have recently contributed to a research article on this subject, which was published here: ‘Genetic mechanisms of critical illness in COVID-19’. Kingston Hospital ITU remains in the top 20 GenOMICC recruiters out of 212 ITUs and we have 188 participants so far.

The RECOVERY study aims to compare treatments that may be useful for patients with COVID. RECOVERY has so far identified 2 drugs that work in COVID treatment and equally important, 5 drugs that don’t. There have been 171 RECOVERY participants so far and the Kingston Hospital RECOVERY team notably recruited 47 individuals in the first surge of COVID infections, and a further 124 in the most recent surge.

The positive recruitment numbers for both the GenOMICC and RECOVERY studies are testament to the dedication and focus of Dr Anna Joseph and her teams, and the Kingston Hospital ITU team, who have provided support by discussing research participation with patients and their relatives.

In addition to our COVID related research, our research teams have maintained patient recruitment for their vital work combating other illnesses. An example is seen in the work of our CONVINCE study research team, who are investigating the use of ‘colchicine for prevention of vascular inflammation in non-cardioembolic stroke’.

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