Advice following varicose vein surgery with local anaesthetic
Home phototherapy for babies with jaundice
Information on anaesthetics
Reducing waste of medicines delivered via homecare
Medicines containing animal products
Day case coronary angiogram
Home monitoring of your ILR device
TOE (transoesophageal echocardiogram)
Implantable loop recorders
Protected: Sensitive disposal of your pregnancy tissue
Having a pacemaker fitted
Protected: My personal asthma or wheeze plan fillable form master
Nasal bridle securement device
Baby feed diary and questionnaire
Advice following injection of leg veins (sclerotherapy)
Neurodiversity information for parents and young people
Recreational drug misuse information for parents and young people
Anti bullying resources for parents and young people
Psoriasis and healthy lifestyle choices
Signia Stretta hearing aid information booklet
Mental health resources for parents and young people
Signia Stretta hearing aid user guide
Protected: Patient’s guide to heart failure
Healthy eating with type 2 diabetes
Bladder diary
Rheumatology exercise programmes
Human milk fortifier for your baby
Sepsis in children
Selective eating in children
Upper limb nerve block for use in surgery
Qutenza patch for pain management
Lung function (breathing) tests
Teledermatology clinic
Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA) of the eye
Bladder instillation
Pressure ulcers (pressure sores or bed sores)
Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)
Diabetes and having an endoscopy without bowel preparation
Rheumatology conditions
Rheumatology drug treatments
Osteoporosis drug treatments
Your baby’s movements during pregnancy
Moving from children’s audiology services to adult audiology services
Your child’s hearing aid system(s)
Diabetes and having an endoscopy with bowel preparation
Pregnancy and birth in women aged 40 or older 
Your child’s hearing clinic visit
Doing a milk challenge (milk ladder) at home
Dairy free products: a guide for parents
Protected: What to expect after your ACL and meniscal repair
Bowel prep with enema in hospital
Physiotherapy advice for gynaecological surgery
Physiotherapy advice for abdominal surgery
Transnasal gastroscopy
Gastroscopy and colonoscopy
Gastroscopy and sigmoidoscopy
Flexible sigmoidoscopy
Bowel prep with enema at home
How to look after your child’s cannula at home
Protected: Your child’s asthma or wheeze treatment plan
Delayed puberty
Motor tics in children and young people
MCUG (bladder function test)
Short height in children
Early (precocious) puberty in children
Allergic rhinitis in children
Homecare Medicines Service
Actinic keratoses (sun damaged skin patches)
Skin grafts
Bowel preparation before endoscopy (Picolax)
Urgent eye problems
Stress echocardiogram
Hospital prescriptions for endocrine patients
Kingston Hospital Tinnitus Support Group
Division of a tongue-tie
Parents and carers waiting for test results from the Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU)
Falls Prevention Home Exercise Service
Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT)
Sun protection and vitamin D after a melanoma diagnosis
Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service
Cancer Counselling Service
Knee replacement
Bowel preparation before colonoscopy (Plenvu)
Bowel preparation before endoscopy (Picolax and a prolonged low residue diet)
Contact lens service
Paraffin wax hand therapy
Bowel preparation with additional Moviprep
Bowel preparation with Moviprep
Medicines when having an endoscopy
Multiple sclerosis service
Breast care photography for oncoplastic patients
Safe sleeping guide for babies under 1 year

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