Services at Kingston Hospital will be significantly impacted by strike action in September and October.

We are working hard to minimise the disruption this will cause to care and treatment.

Anyone whose appointment needs to be cancelled due to strike action will be contacted and appointments will be rescheduled. Please continue to attend appointments as planned unless you are told otherwise.

Protected: Head injury in children
Protected: UTI (urinary tract infection) in children
Protected: Diarrhoea and vomiting (gastroenteritis) in children
Protected: Iron diet sheet
Protected: Fever (high temperature) in children
Protected: Vulvovaginitis in girls
Protected: Reflux in babies
Protected: Bronchiolitis
Protected: Headaches in children
Protected: Prolonged jaundice clinic
Protected: Constipation in children
Protected: Hip screening and DDH (developmental dysplasia of the hip)
Video Appointments (Paediatrics Outpatients)
Telephone Appointments (Paediatric Outpatients)
How to use Macrogol Laxatives

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