BMI Coombe Wing

Kingston Hospital provides a range of private care services for patients, primarily in partnership with BMI but also independently in the case of assisted conception. The three main private care services include: BMI Coombe Wing, offering private hospital care in Esher Wing; Private Maternity Services with a dedicated consultant or midwife; and the Assisted Conception Unit.

The Alliance between Kingston Hospital and BMI is a benefit to the Trust as it provides a source of revenue to support NHS services at Kingston by using facilities other underutilised. These services are provided with no detriment to Kingston Hospital services, making use of spare facilities and equipment to cater to local demand for private care. Both routine and emergency patient can be seen privately.

BMI Coombe Wing
BMI Coombe Wing BMI Coombe Wing is led by Kingston Consultants providing general medical and surgical services, for both outpatients and inpatients. Contact BMI Coombe Wing call: 020 8546 6677
Private Maternity
Private Maternity BMI Coombe Wing provides private maternity services in Kingston NHS Foundation Trust. Each pregnancy is followed by one of Kingston's Obstetric consultants and a private midwife.
ACU The Assisted Conception Unit at Kingston NHS Foundation Trust treats both NHS and private patients. Providing fertility and assisted conception clinics for couples having difficulties conceiving.
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