Ultrasound scans

You will be offered two routine scans during your pregnancy. Scans take place in either the antenatal clinic at Kingston Hospital or at Raynes Park Health Centre.

First trimester scan (11-14 weeks):
This scan is to confirm the pregnancy and calculate an accurate due date. It will also establish whether it is a singleton or a twin pregnancy and a basic anatomy check is performed. A screening test for chromosome abnormalities will also be offered.

Second trimester scan (18-21 weeks):
This scan is a detailed look at the baby’s anatomy, including major organs, limbs, face and the umbilical cord. The position of the placenta will also be identified. Assessment of the blood flow in the uterine arteries is performed to identify whether the pregnancy would benefit from extra scans in the third trimester.

Non-routine scans:
Some pregnancies will require varying degrees of extra surveillance and the following scan services are provided when needed:

Growth scans
Pregnancies affected by diabetes, high blood pressure, existing medical conditions and twin pregnancies will require extra fetal surveillance and scans to check the baby’s growth and placental function will be booked.

Early pregnancy scans
These take place in the Jasmine Unit which provides care before 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Pre-term cervical length clinic
A specialist scan clinic for pregnancies at higher risk of pre-term delivery.

Fetal medicine scan clinic
Two Fetal Medicine specialists provide scans and clinical management for pregnancies where a complication may have been identified.

Midwife scan clinics
Midwife-sonographers provide a daily clinic for third trimester scans for pregnancies affected by a variety of common concerns: For example; reduced fetal movements, small or large babies and breech presentation.

Scans are performed by sonographers, midwife-sonographers and fetal medicine specialists who are trained in fetal ultrasound assessment. The primary reason for a scan is to provide an accurate clinical picture of your baby’s anatomy, growth and the function of the placenta. To assist the sonographer in providing the best quality assessment we ask that you bring only one person with you to a scan to minimise distraction. It is strongly advised that children do not attend scans. We are happy to offer our opinion on the gender of your baby at the 20 week scan, but this is not the purpose of the scan. Scan photos are available at a cost of £5 for two to three images.

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