Young parents

Congratulations on becoming a new mum or dad-to-be! Pregnancy can be very exciting, but will also bring many new challenges.

That’s why we’ve created a guide for young parents, full of useful tips and suggestions on where to find help and information about:

  • Preparing for birth and becoming a parent
  • Money and benefits, housing, education
  • Your physical, emotional and sexual health
  • Local support groups

We hope you find the booklet helpful.

We also invite you to watch the following films from Melissa Fox-Blach, our young parents midwife:  Welcome to Kingston maternity unit: 

  1. Welcome to Kingston maternity unit:
  2. Early labour:
  3. When your waters break:
  4. Contractions:
  5. Coming in to hospital and pain relief:
  6. Induction:
  7. Having your waters broken:
  8. Monitoring baby during labour:
  9. Pushing phase:
  10. Who will be at the birth:–iDv2EY
  11. After baby is born:

Best wishes for the future with your new arrival.

The Safeguarding Team at Kingston Maternity Unit

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