Continuity of Carer teams

In 2016, the National Maternity Review, Better Births set out a vision for maternity services where Continuity of Carer (CoC) was the key to success. Women said they wanted a meaningful, relationship with their midwife.

What is Continuity of Carer?
Continuity of Carer promotes a culture where women are the centre of care. Throughout the pregnancy journey, women should ideally be cared for by no more than 2 midwives from a team of 4 -6 midwives. All antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care should ideally be completed by midwives from the team.  The key message is that “women should know their midwife at birth”.

Why Continuity of Carer?
Continuity of Carer promotes a culture where women are the centre of care

Outcomes are improved e.g. less episiotomies, less premature birth, fewer epidurals and less mid-trimester loss.

In 2019, CoC implementation began at Kingston Hospital with Emerald Team who care for women who have had a  previous caesarean section and Ruby Team who are a geographical team caring for women living in SW15.

The current nationwide target is that by March 2021 35% of women booked should be booked onto a Continuity of Carer pathway. In March 2021 the figure rises to 50% of all women to be booked onto a CoC pathway.

By 2024 75% of BAME women must have CoC.

Geographical Continuity of Carer teams:

  • Hook & River  (Chessington)
  • Richmond & Lonsdale (Barnes)
  • Hampton & Ember (Emberbrook)
  • Kingston (Churchill & Old Malden)

Multiple Birth Team:
The Multiple Birth Team cares for all MCDA & DCDA pregnancies throughout the entire pregnancy journey. The midwives are skilled at providing care and teaching for caring for two newborns at the same time. Special feeding support is provided for multiple births in hospital and at home.

Team – Nikki James-Lowe, Sophie Linghorn, Katie James, Sophie Spalla, Bex Warriner-White.

Contact: 07786020142


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