Antenatal clinic teams

Antenatal clinic teams provide antenatal care to all out of area women who chose to have their baby at Kingston Hospital.

In line with National Maternity Review (2016) we aim to provide continuity of care to all women during their antenatal period, promoting women centred, individualised care.

Clinics are held in our Antenatal clinic at Kingston Hospital Maternity Unit, Monday to Saturday. Within the clinic, teams have been split into postcodes to promote continuity of care. Women are encouraged to book their appointments accordingly, with the aim to be cared for by no more than 2 midwives throughout their pregnancy.

ANC Team leaders: Karen Philips and Devica Ireson

ANC Core midwives:


  • Esme Hassard         
  • Tina Rasmussen
  • Sue Brennan
  • Rhian Roberts


  • Ana Pereira
  • Marian Hashi
  • Lucie Seacroft

Other OOA:

  • Katie Christie
  • Helda Brown
  • Eduardo Garcia

We also run a number of outreach clinics to facilitate the ease of access for women with other postcodes.

Raynes Park Health Centre

Providing antenatal care to women living in SW19 and SW20.

There are 6 midwives clinics at Raynes Park each week, run by 3 midwives.

There is also a Maternity Support Worker at Raynes Park each day, performing a range of activities such as screening tests, GTT tests and assisting midwives with routine care provisions.

Women who have their care in Raynes Park can also have their scans and screening tests here as well.

Women requiring consultant referral can be seen in the obstetric clinic here on Wednesday afternoons.

Core midwives at Raynes Park:

  • Jen Darlington
  • Marian Hashi
  • Tanja McGill

Maternity support workers at Raynes Park:

  • Beverly Bacon
  • Natalie Guadagno
  • Emily Morrow
  • Jenna Thomas

Lead obstetrician: Miss Gabby Babmridge

Teddington Memorial Hospital

Providing antenatal care to women in Teddington and Twickenham areas.

There are 3 clinics, run by midwives every Thursday.

Women attending Teddington Memorial church for their midwives appointments will have their scans at Kingston Hospital.

Women requiring consultant referral will attend ANC for that appointment, as will women requiring GTT testing.

Core midwives at Teddington:

  • Esme Hassard
  • Sue Brennan
  • Rhian Roberts
  • Tina Rasmussen
  • Coleen Hayes

Lead obstetrician: Miss Florence Wilcock

Our midwives also work in close collaboration with obstetricians and other members of our multidisciplinary team to ensure continuity and individualised care for women with complicated pregnancies, either due to pre existing conditions or pregnancy induced complications. These women will be seen in specialist clinics, initially by a midwife, followed by consultation with obstetrician or endocrinologist.


For women with pre existing diabetes or complex endocrine conditions or those who develop diabetes in pregnancy.

Lead obstetrician: Miss Silvia Carta

Midwives: Cath Tanner, Sue Brennan, Esme Hassard

Hypertensive clinic

For women with pre existing high blood pressure, previous pregnancy complicated by blood pressure and those who develop high blood pressure during current pregnancy.

Lead obstetrician: Mr Nick Anim

Midwives: Ana Pereira and Eduardo Garcia

Maternal medicine

For women with pre existing medical conditions such as epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, heart conditions etc.

Lead obstetrician: Miss Amanda Ali

Midwife: Katie Christie

Preterm surveillance

For women who are at increased risk of having early, preterm spontaneous birth.

Lead obstetrician: Miss Susana Pereira

Midwife: Kristina Sexton

Fetal medicine

For women whose baby is suspected to have complications and those who have increased risk of their baby developing complications during the pregnancy or following the birth.

Lead obstetricians: Miss Susana Pereira and Miss Liz Peregrene

Midwife: Balvinder Reehal

Antenatal team also run a range of antenatal classes, carry out pre assessments for women booked to have Cesarean section and offer seasonal flu and whooping cough vaccinations.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Antenatal Clinic Team, please contact us on 0208 934 3045 or email us on

Multiple Birth Team

For women who are expecting twins or multiples of a higher order. Care is shared between a specialist midwife clinic and a fetal medicine consultant clinic. We also provide an antenatal class tailored to families expecting more than one baby.

Lead Consultants: Miss Elisabeth Peregrine and Miss Jessica Jenkinson

Midwife: Emma Calvert Jump

Contact number: 07786 020142


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