Visiting Times

Our priority is caring for our patients, but we understand the important role played by visitors in their lives. We have changed our visiting times to provide more flexibility for families and friends to visit and spend time with their loved ones.

General visiting times for wards and departments are (except for Paediatrics Open Visiting for Parents, Intensive Care Unit 2pm to 8pm and Maternity 3pm-8pm):

9.00am to 12.00pm

2.00pm to 8.00pm

We have also published our Visitor Charter which explains what visitors can expect from the Trust during their visit and what we expect from visitors in return. For the Visitor Information leaflet click here and for the Visitor Charter click here.

Or please pick up a copy next time you are at the hospital. 

A map of the hospital site is available here.

We actively encourage visiting and the involvement of visitors and carers while patients are in hospital.  Keeping in contact with friends and relatives is an important part of a patient’s recovery.   However, if you or anyone thinking of visiting has had any symptoms of diarrohoea or vomiting in the past 72 hours  you should not visit any hospital.  You need to be 48 hours clear before you can visit to avoid spreading any germs to patients.  The same applies if you have any symptoms of flu.   Please see the pages on infection control for more advice.

There are many ways in which visitors can be involved in a patient's care, such as helping at meal times, and we are happy to support visitors to do so, if that is the patient’s wish.

We strongly recommend that visitors use public transport to get to the hospital.  If you wish to travel by car, please be aware that parking at the hospital site is very limited and you should allow yourself plenty of time to find a parking space.   At busy times, there may be queues for spaces.  More information about travelling to the hospital is available here


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