Virtual visiting by phone and video

Actual visiting is limited to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission so please keep in touch with friends and family during their hospital staff by phone and video using mobile devices.

You can drop off phones, tablets and other belongings for a family member or friend in hospital at the hospital Main Reception.  Please do not take belongings directly to the ward.    

Facilitated virtual visiting on adult inpatient wards

If your family member or friend doesn’t have their own device or needs support in communicating with relatives and friends, we are able to help. 

Facilitated virtual visiting by phone

Each ward has a mobile phone that patients can use to call friends or relatives. We can also arrange for patients to receive calls from family and friends on this phone.  Please call the ward to arrange this. 

A member of staff will stay with the patient during the call if assistance is needed.

Facilitated virtual visiting using Face Time or Zoom

If you have FaceTime on your apple device, or the Zoom app, we can arrange for you to have a video call with your relative or friend though the ward iPad.  Please call the ward discuss this and to book at date and time for your call.  

Facilitated virtual visiting using the ATouchAway app

We call also arrange phone or video calls through the secure aTouchAway app.  This can be used on any mobile device or tablet by downloading the aTouchAway app. 

If you want to arrange a virtual visit using the aTouchAway app, please contact your ward.  They will put you in touch with a staff member that can facilitate this.  You will need to provide an email address.  You need to download the ATouchAway app using the following instructions or follow the email link that you receive. 

  • Go to your app store and download Aetonix aTouchAway app on your smart phone or tablet. If you are using a PC, download aTouchAway
  • Click Create yourself an account and follow instructions to register. You will need to enter your email address.
  • Once signed in and a member of staff at the hospital has added your inpatient relative to the aTouchAway system, you will receive a ‘contact request’ that you need to accept.  This will happen when a staff member adds you to ATouchAway system. 
  • You are then linked as a contact for your relative or friend. 

Facilitated virtual visits – important information

  • You will be supported with virtual visiting by a member of staff. 
  • Prior to virtual visiting the member of staff facilitating the call will explain what to expect. 
  • Unfortunately, we can’t allow you to ‘record’ any of the visit or take any photos or screen shots during the visit without the patient’s consent. This is to protect the privacy of patients in the hospital.
  • Virtual visiting will be offered when it’s safe and appropriate to do this. This means it’ not always possible for us to call you at the time we may have agreed to do this.
  • Feedback from patients and their family members that are using virtual visiting are finding it helpful and reassuring. 

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