Information on visiting someone in hospital

To reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 we are restricting visiting at Kingston Hospital

Outpatient appointments

Please do not bring anyone into the hospital with you for your outpatient appointment unless you’ve agreed this with your hospital department. 

You are welcome to have a relative or friend join you in your appointment virtually, by phone or video.  Please use your device (phone or tablet) to do this at the start of your appointment. 

Visiting on adult inpatient wards

Changes we are putting in place from Friday 6th November

The number of Covid19 cases in the Kingston area is growing fast and to keep patients, visitors and staff safe we need to further limit visits to adult inpatient wards.  

We are committed to continuing visiting where it is safe for patients, visitors and staff.  Visiting on compassionate grounds is available across the hospital’s adult inpatient wards.  Please phone the ward and ask to speak to the nurse in charge about this.  

If you are phoning to ask for an update on your family member in Kingston Hospital please do so after 12.30 to allow the medical teams time to review patients in the morning and provide you with good quality, up to date information.

Please do keep in touch with your relative or friend in hospital by phone or video calls and if you need help to organise this, please contact the ward and read about how we are able to facilitate virtual video calls and phone calls using the link below.  

Compassionate visiting

Visiting on compassionate grounds is available across the hospital’s adult inpatient wards.

Visitors will be asked about possible COVID 19 symptoms, required to sanitise their hands and wear a mask and other PPE to meet infection control requirements.  

Visiting on compassionate grounds – hospital wards and the Emergency (A&E) Department

Compassionate visits can be allowed in the following circumstances:

  • Patients receiving end of life care – in the difficult and upsetting circumstances where patients are at the end of their life, family members or carers may spend time with their loved one.  This includes children.  Relatives should be advised to contact the nurse in charge for a discussion about this. 
  • Advocates/visitors who are required to make decisions on behalf of patients who do not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves. This includes people with delirium and/or dementia, a learning disability or autism. 
  • People with delirium and / or dementia in circumstances when presence of a close family member enables them to access care. 
  • In specific circumstances, patients whose rehabilitation requires the presence of their close family member to enable therapeutic outcomes to be progressed. This includes stroke patients and patients recovering from COVID-19 following intensive care.   

Visitors will be asked about possible COVID-19 symptoms, required to sanitise their hands and wear a mask and other PPE to meet infection control requirements. 

Visiting on children wards

One parent or carer is allowed at a time.  Unfortunately, siblings are unable to visit at the moment. 

Visiting in the Emergency (A&E) Department 

Only the person needing care and treatment is allowed in our Emergency (A&E) Department.  Exceptions will be made for people with an essential carer, advocate, or on other compassionate grounds.

Maternity department

Partners are welcome during women’s maternity care at Kingston Hospital.  Women are encouraged to nominate a birth partner that will support them during their antenatal care, labour and birth. Unfortunately siblings are currently unable to visit.   Find more information about changes to our maternity services here.  

Smoking on-site

Kingston Hospital is a smokefree site. This means smoking is not permitted anywhere in our hospital buildings, car parks and grounds. This includes all tobacco products, e-cigarettes and vaping devices.


There is a cashpoint located at the main entrance of the hospital which is now the exit. A one way system is currently in place at the hospital so you will need to enter the hospital via main outpatients.

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