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At Kingston Hospital we want to ensure you have a positive experience of your stay or treatment here. We are committed to listening and learning from all our patients, families, and carers who use our services, to enable us to improve how we deliver future care.

The more feedback we get, the more we can do to ensure we are getting the service right for you and your families. The Trust has a number of ways of measuring patient and parent satisfaction, including our Friends and Family Test. Each year the Trust also participates in the National Inpatient Survey, this enables a randomly selected group of patients who have been a patient at the hospital, give their views on their experience. The survey makes comparisons with all NHS Trusts and reports where the Trust has made significant improvements and makes comment on areas that require development. This year, there will be surveys taking place with our patients visiting the A&E Department and Children’s wards.

We have recently refreshed our public and patient involvement strategy for 2016-18 and our plans for the next three years can be seen here.

There are a number of ways you can let us know how we are doing, which include speaking to staff directly either on the wards or departments, or by contacting our PALS staff. Further details on how to contact the PALS Team can be found on the PALS and Complaints page.

Another way to give us your valuable feedback is by completing the Friends and Family Test either just before you are discharged home, after your stay in hospital, after you have received treatment at the Accident and Emergency Department, or after your outpatient appointment. The Friends and Family Test gives us ‘real time’ comments and enables us to promptly act on any concerns that are arising.

We also welcome feedback through our Twitter account @KingstonHospNHS, via our Facebook Page or through the Hospital website feedback form.

If you don’t wish to give your feedback directly to the hospital you can leave your comments by accessing the NHS Choices website you will also have the opportunity to rate the service you have accessed. The hospital retrieves these comments regularly and ensures any concerns raised are fed through to the appropriate ward or department for their consideration and action.

You can also put your thoughts in writing: Chief Executive’s Office, Kingston Hospital, Galsworthy Road, KT2 7QB or contact thePatient Experience Improvement Lead for Kingston Hospital on 020 8934 2504.

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