How can I prevent Sepsis?

Sepsis 6

Sepsis is always caused by infection, most commonly by bacteria. That means that preventing infection is one of the best ways to prevent sepsis.

  1. Get vaccinated against flu, pneumonia, and any other infections that could lead to sepsis if you are in an ‘at risk’ group. Talk to your doctor for more information.
  2. Prevent infections that can lead to sepsis by:

- Cleaning scrapes and wounds

- Practice good general hygiene and hand washing

3. Following the recommended immunisation schedules can reduce the risk of sepsis in children. Talk to your doctor    for more information.

4. Stopping the indiscriminate use of antibiotics can help to prevent bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Ensure that you following your doctor’s instructions for taking antibiotics and complete the full course of treatment. Within hospital, your antibiotic regime will be reviewed routinely to ensure you are on the best and most appropriate antibiotic.

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