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We have a number of trials going on across the whole Trust and we are looking for volunteers who are interested in taking part in helping to find new treatments.

What does participating in Research involve?

As a patient, you may be asked to participate in a research project. Depending on the research this may involve simply filling in a questionnaire; it might involve having an extra blood test taken, or it could involve trying out a medicine that doctors believe will work as well or better than the medicine that you would normally receive.

Information about the research and what it would involve would be clearly explained to you before you make a decision about whether or not you would like to take part.

It is really important to remember that you do not have to take part in any research if you do not want to, and if you decide not to take part in a research project that you have been invited to participate in, your normal clinical care will not be affected in any way.

Research Governance sets standards to ensure that the safety, dignity, rights and welfare of research participants is protected. It also ensures that research carried out is of a high quality and is not wasteful of NHS resources. To ensure that this is the case, all research that happens within the NHS must be approved by an independent Research Ethics Committee, and must be agreed to by the Trust following review by the South West Cluster Office

If you are interested in participating in research studies there are a number of ways in which you can get involved

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If you are currently receiving care at the Trust and are interested in new treatments that may help you as well improving patient care, then please let your doctor or nurse know. They should be able to advise if there are any research studies that you are suitable for.

If you are a visitor to this web page then please contact the R&D Team on 020 8932 3824 or e-mail :, and mark your e-mail ‘volunteer request’ and include your contact details.​

Have your say: 

Researchers are always looking for the patient perspective. As well as taking part in a clinical research as a participant, there are also many opportunities for you to be involved in helping researchers design, plan and run future studies.

People in Research – Opportunities for public involvement in research

You can find out more about public involvement in research, including a database of current opportunities. The website also provides further information and explains public involvement in research. It also provides the views and experiences of those that have been involved.

For further information for those interested in participating in clinical trials, you may find the below link useful

 UK Clinical Trials Gateway

To find a list of studies open across the UK then please clink the below link. The list also includes details for the individual study contact.

UK Clinical Research Network Study Portfolio


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