Pre-Operative Assesment Clinic

Welcome to the Pre-Op Assessment Clinic!

Before you have surgery here at Kingston Hospital you will need to undergo a pre-op assessment to make sure you are fit for surgery.

How to get to us

The Pre-Op Assessment Clinic is located in Roehampton Wing on level 3. Sometimes you will be sent to us straight after your appointment with your surgeon once the decision has been made that you are having an operation. We aim to complete your assessment at that time; however, if you cannot wait, or you need an assessment by a consultant anaesthetist, we will give you an appointment for another time. Other patients, especially those seen in clinics outside Kingston Hospital, will be sent an appointment. You will not be able to proceed with surgery without a pre-op assessment so it is important you attend your appointment.

What to expect

You will be given a questionnaire to fill in to give us basic information on your health.

One of our team assistants will then take you for some basic investigations. All patients have their height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate measured. You may need some blood tests and an ECG. For some procedures we will take swabs from your groin and mouth for MRSA. Patients with lung disease may also do a lung function test.

You will then see one of our nurses who will go through your medical history with you. If you have a lot of health issues you may see one of our consultant anaesthetists. Please bring a list of your current medications with you and also any letters or results of investigations you may have had at other hospitals that are relevant to your current state of health.

If you are listed for day case surgery, you must arrange for a responsible adult to escort you home by private car or in a taxi and stay with you for 24 hours after your operation.

Your appointment may be up to one hour so please allow enough time.

You will be given information at your appointment on fasting prior to surgery and what medications you should stop. It is really important you read and understand these or your surgery may be cancelled on the day. We will also give you leaflets about the surgical procedure and the anaesthetic you will have.

If you are on blood thinning medication, we may refer you to the anti-coagulation clinic for advice on how to manage it around the time of your operation.

Sometimes we will need to send you for further investigations or to see other specialists to optimise your health. If your surgery is not urgent, we may ask your GP to organise these.

Contact details

If you have any questions or need to change an appointment please ring our reception on 0208 934 3668

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