Outpatient useful information

If you need an X-ray or ultrasound you will be given a request form to take to Radiology, on Level 3 of the Outpatients department. You may be seen on the same day, or an appointment will be sent to your home address within ten working days.

If a prescription is required urgently, your clinic doctor will give you one to take to our pharmacy, on the ground floor in Outpatients. Prescription charges apply unless you are exempt.

Transport to the hospital can be provided only for patients who have a medical need and cannot travel by any other means. If you require an ambulance, please contact your GP before your first appointment; further bookings need to be cleared by your hospital doctor.

Travel expenses:
If you receive income support, family credit or unemployment benefit, you may be able to claim travel costs. Please bring proof of your entitlement, your travel ticket and your appointment letter or card so that we can reimburse you. 

Private treatment:
If you wish to be treated privately, please tell your doctor or call 020 8546 6677. Coombe Wing, our twenty two bed private unit, has an Outpatients suite.

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