Coming to the hospital for an outpatient appointment

All people attending an outpatient appointment can be accompanied by one other person.

Alternatively, you are welcome to have a relative or friend join you in your appointment virtually, by phone or video. Please use your device (phone or tablet) to do this at the start of your appointment. 

Information for parents of children:

If you are bringing a child for an outpatient appointment, please do not bring siblings to the hospital with you.

We are requesting that adults attending an outpatient appointment do not bring their children with them unless this is absolutely necessary. 

Information for patients about precautions being taken to keep everyone safe

To keep you and our staff safe and to minimise the risks from COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses, please make sure that you sanitise or wash you hands regularly when you arrive at the hospital.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

  • Please bring a list of your current medication(s) with you.
  • Please follow any specific instructions you have been given by your hospital department.
  • You might find it helpful to write down the questions that you would like to ask and bring something to your appointment to write on.
  • Remember to bring your appointment letter with you.

What if I need patient transport?

  • If this is your first appointment and you cannot travel independently to the hospital, please contact your GP to discuss this.
  • If this is a follow up appointment and you need transport this should have been arranged for you by your hospital department.  You can phone your hospital department to confirm this. 

What should I do when I arrive at Kingston Hospital?

When you arrive at Kingston Hospital, please make your way to the Main Outpatient Entrance.

Please register at a self-check-in kiosk or report to reception.  Our main outpatient areas have screen that will display your name when your health professional is ready to see you. 

If you have any questions, please ask one of our clerical staff in lilac shirts for assistance and they will be happy to help you.

Some clinics, however, have their own reception areas and you will need to report to them. They will record your arrival, check your details and show you where to wait. They are:

  • Royal Eye Unit
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pain Clinic and Diabetic Clinic
  • Oral and Dental Services Clinic
  • Respiratory
  • ENT
  • Radiology

All our waiting areas have access to toilets, including wheelchair-accessible facilities. Most areas have TVs, play areas for children and refreshments.

What else is it important for me to know?

We aim to see you within thirty minutes of your appointment time, but we hope you understand that doctors may be called away to an emergency, or if a patient before you needs a little longer to be assessed.

Please be patient; our staff know how frustrating it is to be kept waiting. The Trust will not tolerate any form of violence, aggression or harassment to other patients, visitors or staff.

Your name will be called when it is time for your consultation. If your hearing is impaired, please tell reception when you arrive.

You will be seen by a doctor, nurse, therapist or other specialist, depending on the reason for your visit. They will read your notes and assess and examine you if necessary.

Students are often present in the clinic during your consultation. If you do not want them there, you have every right to say so and we will respect your wishes.

Our staff will explain things to you clearly, professionally and courteously.

Prescriptions – If a prescription is required urgently, your clinic doctor will give you one to take to our pharmacy, on the ground floor in Outpatients. Prescription charges apply unless you are exempt.

Travel expenses – If you receive income support, family credit or unemployment benefit, you may be able to claim travel costs. Please bring proof of your entitlement, your travel ticket and your appointment letter or card so that we can reimburse you. 


If you need us to provide information in a different format, such as large print, electronic, or audio, please phone your hospital department. 

Please let us know if you require a translator or if you have a disability and need help to organise reasonable adjustments during your visit, for example, a BSL signer, a change to the time or length of your appointment, or access to a quieter waiting room.  You can do this by calling your hospital department as soon as possible after you receive your appointment. 

If you have a learning disability you can find out about how we can help on this page –  Information for people with a learning disability – Kingston Hospital

If you are not getting the help that you need, please contact PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Services) on 020 8934 3993

Private treatment at Kingston Hospital

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