Additional information for Orthotics patients

If you are attending for an initial foot assessment and you are suffering from foot pain it is important that you initially address the appropriateness of the footwear you are wearing.   Patients wearing sandals, open back shoes or ballet pump shoes may not be provided with treatment until they have invested in better quality footwear which will aid with the rehabilitation of foot problems.  

The department recommends that every patient attends with sensible and sturdy shoes, ideally a shoe with has a fastening this can be either laces or Velcro, slip on shoes are best avoided.  Trainers can be very good for providing additional cushion and a removeable insole which would provide space for an orthotic device to be inserted in.  A patient should attend wearing footwear that has a firm and stable heel counter (the area at the back of the shoe) and a thick sole unit.  If the clinician feels a patient does not have appropriate footwear for an orthotic device to be used with footwear advice will be given and a follow up booked for future treatment once appropriate footwear has been purchased.

If you have previously had any orthotic intervention either from Kingston Hospital or another trust you should bring the previously supplied orthosis along to any assessment to aid with the assessment process.  This is important in all cases whether the supplied product is used or unsuccessful as it will ensure no repeat of failed products are made.  If a previous treatment has worked well, we will aim to replicate the orthosis as closely as possible for continued symptom management.

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