Clinical Audit

National clinical audits are designed to improve patient outcomes across a wide range of medical, surgical and mental health conditions.  Their purpose is to engage healthcare professionals across England in systematically evaluating their clinical practice against standards and encourage improvement in the quality of patient care.  Most national clinical audits have been developed in areas where it is felt essential to improve standards.  Kingston Hospital is now taking part in all 31 applicable national audits that are covered by national programmes (100%).  These cover such areas as emergency care, cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes, bowel disease and epilepsy.  We use the national reports of these audits to benchmark our results against other hospitals and to take actions to improve patient care where this is required. 

This year, for the first time, mortality rates from some of these national audit data sets have been published.  Data from three of these are applicable to Kingston Hospital and all show mortality rates in line with, or below, the expected level.

More information is available from the following websites:

Hip and Knee Surgery -

Removal of kidney (nephrectomy) -

Bowel cancer -




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