Your admission

Where to go when you arrive at the hospital

Most patients will have been asked to go to our Admissions on the Day Unit in Roehampton Wing. If you are uncertain about when to come in, or where to go, please telephone the contact number on your admission letter.

You may be invited to attend a pre-assessment clinic. At the clinic you will have the opportunity to discuss your needs and some investigations may be carried out to make sure that you are ready for admission.

We aim to respect your privacy, dignity and religious and cultural beliefs at all times. If you have any special needs, such as dietary needs or washing or praying facilities, please discuss this at your pre-assessment clinic, or telephone the contact number on your admission letter.

On arrival

Once you arrive at the hospital, there are signposts to help you find your way and our “welcomers” are usually available at the main entrance in Bernard Meade Wing to help you. Your admission letter gives you the details of where to go when you arrive.  If you are not sure, please ask at the main reception.  

When you arrive on the ward, please:

  • hand all of your medications to your nurse.  They will be checked to make sure they are safe to take and we will keep a record of all the medicines you take during your stay
  • tell us if you have any allergies or side-effects to any medication
  • give us as much information about your condition, symptoms or medication as possible, so that our staff can care for you.

If you need a medical certificate for your employer or for national insurance purposes, please let the ward staff know when you arrive or during your stay.

Personal possessions 

We provide a bedside cupboard for your personal possessions.  It should not be used for valuable items.

Valuable items  

We ask that, whenever possible, you do not bring valuables, such as jewellery or large sums of money into hospital. Although we will do our best to offer you privacy on the ward, hospitals are public buildings and we cannot accept liability for mislaid or stolen property or money that is not handed in for safekeeping.

If you must bring valuables with you, they should be handed to your nurse when you arrive, so we can arrange for safekeeping. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer for any property not put into safekeeping.

Your valuables will be returned to you when you are ready to leave hospital. Large amounts of cash will be deposited at a local bank. When you leave you will be given a cheque for the amount deposited.

Your admission

Unless you have heard otherwise from the hospital since receiving your admission letter, the hospital expects that you will arrive promptly for you operation on the date indicated in your admission letter using your own transport method or transport previously agreed with and booked by the hospital

If your admission is taking place on the same day as your surgery, you will be advised in advance whether your surgery will be in the morning or the afternoon.  If you are having surgery in the morning, you need to arrive at the hospital by 7:00am. If you are having surgery in the afternoon, you need to arrive by 11.30 am.

Please call the number on your admissions letter if:

  • You cannot make your admission date. Please contact us within 7 working days of receiving your admission letter, so we can rearrange your appointment and give your bed to someone else. If you fail to contact us in these circumstances, it could affect your position on the Trust’s waiting list;
  • You think you have been exposed to an infection (such as chicken pox), or develop any of the following symptoms within the three days before your admission date – cough, cold, vomiting or diarrhoea. The admissions team will be able to advise what you should do in these circumstances.


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