When you arrive

We need to know

  • What would you like to be called?
  • Do you have a disability which means we need to change the way we normally do things? For example, do you have a communication need?
  • What will help you to have good access to treatment and care whilst you are in hospital?
  • Do you need an interpreter because English is not your first language?
  • What should we know about your current health, care or treatment, and home environment? This could affect the way we treat and care for you, and the preparations we make for your discharge.

  • Who else would you like to be involved in conversations about your care? For example, a family member or someone who provides daily care and support for you.
  • Do you want the Nurse in Charge to store any valuables away securely?
  • When do you expect to be discharged, who will be collecting you from hospital, where will you be going to continue your recovery or care?

Where to go

Your admission letter will have details of where to go. There are plenty of signposts to help you find your way.

Tell us how we are doing we'd love to have your opinion