Where to go when you arrive

We ask that you use your own, or public, transport unless the hospital has booked a ride for you.

If you are being admitted on the day of your surgery, you should know whether your procedure is in the morning or afternoon. 

For surgery in the morning, you need to be here by 7.00am; for the afternoon, please arrive by 11.30am. 

When you arrive

Your admission letter will have details of where to go. There are plenty of signposts to help you find your way.

Please note: There are currently no welcomers and there is no entry via the normal main entrance.

When you get to your ward, please:

  • Give all your medications to your nurse. We will check them to make sure they are safe to take. We will also keep a record of all the medicine you take during your stay.
  • Tell us if you are allergic to any medication.
  • Give as much information about your conditions and symptoms so that our staff can care for you.
  • Tell us if you need a medical certificate for your employer.

Your possessions

You will have a bedside cupboard, but this should not be used for valuable items.

We ask that you do not bring jewellery or large sums of money. If you have to bring valuables, please hand them to your nurse so that we can keep them safe. 

If you ask us to hold on to a large amount of cash, we will put it in a local bank and give you a cheque when you leave. 

Tell us how we are doing we'd love to have your opinion