Questions, concerns and complaints

All staff are happy to answer your questions.
Tell a nurse straight away if you are in pain or feel particularly unwell.

Nurse in Charge

At all times there will be a Nurse in Charge of your ward. Their name should be on the ward notice board and updated for every shift.

Speak to the Nurse in Charge if you have any concerns while in hospital. The best way to resolve a problem is usually to tell someone there and then.

Hamble ward

Other key contacts

  • Details of the senior nurse and matron who manage the ward are displayed near each ward entrance.
  • The ‘Hospital Staff’ section of this booklet (page 1) lists key hospital staff and how to identify them.


A doctor will usually visit you once a day on weekdays. This is usually during a ‘ward round’. This is when the team will talk with you about how you are feeling and the next steps in your care.

There is always a doctor either on the ward or ‘on call’.

The doctor may talk about plans for leaving hospital (discharge) because it is a good idea to start planning for this early on in your hospital stay. You might find it helpful to write down what you want to tell or ask a doctor, and what they tell you. If writing is difficult, you can ask one of the ward staff to help you. You or they can write on the ‘Notes’ page of this handbook (see page 34).

Person on phone

Concerns about your condition or someone else’s condition

Speak to your nurses and doctors if you have any questions or concerns.

If you are still worried that your own condition, or that of your relative or friend, is getting worse, ring Call 4 Concern (C4C).

This service is an extension of our intensive care team and they can give you immediate advice or medical help if you think your concerns have not been addressed.

Phone iconCall C4C on 07843 514969 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Two people giving an opinion

Advice, feedback and complaints

Our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) offers advice and responds to the concerns of patients, families, carers or friends.

We can explain how to make a formal complaint, if you wish to do this.

We are also happy to record and share positive feedback.

Phone iconCall PALS on 020 8934 3993 (9am to 5pm weekdays) or email at

The hospital uses feedback to improve our services. You can give quick anonymous feedback at any time by asking for the ward’s FFT (feedback) iPad or by scanning this QR code.

Tell us how we are doing we'd love to have your opinion