Our teams – a visual guide

Many members of staff and volunteers will help to look after you.

All ward staff work together as a ‘multidisciplinary team’ (MDT).

Everyone should introduce themselves to you with their name and role. You are always welcome to ask ‘who are you and what do you do?’.


Your consultant is the doctor in charge of your care. They are the most senior doctor in the team and will oversee your diagnosis, treatment and discharge from hospital.

Consultants are supported by a team of doctors (including registrars and junior doctors) and physician associates.

Doctors usually wear their own clothes but may wear ‘scrubs’ (normally pale blue trousers and pale blue short-sleeved top).


The ‘Nurse in Charge’ is the most senior nurse on that shift with overall responsibility for your ward.

Matrons are senior nurses who manage one or more departments, including wards.

Senior Nurses are in charge of all patient care on a ward, including making sure everything is organised when you are ready to leave hospital.

Deputy Senior Nurses support the Senior Nurse in running the ward.

Specialist nurses are experts in one area, such as diabetes, cancer or asthma. They assess, diagnose and treat patients, and advise and train others.

Staff Nurses are responsible for your day-to-day care with the help of healthcare assistants, nurse associates and sometimes students.

Healthcare Assistants check your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse, and help you with eating, drinking and personal care.

Nursing Associates support staff nurses. They can carry out duties such as giving medicines and doing blood pressure and temperature checks.

Specialist Professional Teams

If you have a long-term condition or health concern, you can ask if there is a specialist service that can support you whilst you are in hospital.

Examples of these are:

  • Diabetes Team
  • Frailty Service
  • Smoking Cessation Service.

Discharge team (if you are going to need community care)

The Discharge team is made up of specialist nurses who make sure you receive the care you need when you leave hospital. They work with hospital and community teams and speak to you and your family and carers.

Clinical Lead Discharge Nurse leads the Discharge Team.

Senior Discharge Nurse Practitioners

Discharge Nurse Practitioners

Discharge support workers are based on the wards and help to arrange and coordinate the process of leaving hospital.

Other members of the team

Pharmacy Technicians answer questions about medicines, such as reasons for changing a dose and how to take the medicines once you get home. Ward Pharmacists advise on the safe and effective use of medicines, but do not wear a uniform.

Occupational therapists assess how you will manage daily tasks when you return home. They also help to solve problems relating to your independence, such as washing, dressing and using the toilet. This can include assessing to see if you need any equipment and, if so, they will help you organise it.

Physiotherapists consider your mobility and certain muscle or joint issues. They may recommend exercises, equipment or other forms of treatment. They also make sure you will be safe getting around at home, for example, on the stairs.

Activities Team works across all elderly care wards. They help patients with eating and drinking, movement and exercise, socialising, distraction and entertainment.

Volunteers help in many important roles, such as at mealtimes, or moving about safely with some gentle exercise.

Speech and Language Therapists assess and treat speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties.

Dietitians are experts in choosing foods to support health and treat illness. They help you make good lifestyle and food choices.

Ward Clerks manage the admin tasks on the ward and send your discharge summary letter to your GP when you leave. They also book hospital transport (if you are eligible and this is necessary).

Housekeepers do non-medical tasks on the ward, such as cleaning, making sure you have the Patient Handbook and menu, and serving or clearing away meals.

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