During your stay

Your safety

Your safety while you are in our care is really important to us. We have a list of things you can do to stay safe. You can read this on an information leaflet or by watching a film here or on your bedside TV. 

This advice covers eight areas:

  • Fall prevention
  • Blood clots
  • Preventing infection
  • Telling staff if you have a problem
  • Medicine safety
  • Avoiding pressure ulcers
  • Your personal information
  • Leaving hospital


These are served at:

Breakfast: 8.00-8.30am
Lunch: 12.30-1.00pm
Tea/Supper: 5.30-6.00pm


All our wards contain separate, single-sex bays and bathrooms.

Consenting to treatment

It is important you fully understand what treatment choices are available to you. Before any treatment, your doctor or nurse will explain it and discuss any concerns you have. 

Treatment is carried out only with your written consent. If you are unable to give it, we have procedures that ensure any treatment given is absolutely necessary.

Mobile phones and photography

Mobiles should not be used in clinical areas where they could interfere with medical equipment or disturb other patients. Please check with staff before you use yours.

Our rules state that photographs of patients or staff may not be taken inside hospital without their permission, so please do not take any pictures.


Kingston Hospital has a smoke-free policy and smoking is not permitted within the hospital buildings – or grounds. This includes e-cigarettes.

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