Visiting the Fracture Clinic

Mo The Owl

Mo broke a bone in his arm last week and had a plaster cast put on his broken bone in the Emergency Department. Mo is back at the hospital today for his fracture clinic appointment. Mum books him in at Reception and they wait for Mo’s appointment. Mo goes to the Plaster Room. His white cast is taken off with a loud sounding machine. It looks a little bit like a saw but it doesn’t hurt at all. It is a clever saw; it never cuts you, it only cuts the plaster.

The Orthopaedic (bone) doctors chat to Mo and his Mum and have a look at Mo’s broken arm. Sometimes the Orthopaedic doctors might send you for another X-ray. The doctors send Mo back to the plaster room to have another plaster. This time he gets to choose the colour of the plaster, and there are lots of different colours to choose from. Mo chose a red plaster, his favourite colour, and it’s a lot lighter than the white plaster he had on before. Sometimes you do not need to have another plaster put on your broken arm or leg. Mo says goodbye to everyone and Mum makes a follow up appointment in a few weeks’ time before they leave the hospital.

Location: Level 3, Main Outpatients

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