Staying on Sunshine Ward

Mo is taken with his Mum to Sunshine Ward after spending some time in the Paediatric Assessment Unit or in the Emergency Department. Mo has his own bed in a big room with some other children. Sometimes children will have their own room, but this is only for children with certain conditions.

Superhero Small       Sunshine

Superhero room                                                    A nurse and patient on Sunshine ward

Mo has a TV next to his bed, and there is a big playroom with lots of toys where he can play. Mum has a foldable bed that can be put down at night time so Mo and Mum can sleep next to each other. The nurses’ check on Mo every few hours, day and night to make sure he is alright. In the morning the doctors come to see Mo and his Mum, they examine Mo and talk to him to see how he is feeling. Mo feels a lot better and the doctors think he is a lot better too. The doctors come to see him again in the afternoon and are happy for Mo to go home as he is back to his usual self. Mum and Mo wait for a bit until his medications arrive from Pharmacy. The nurse explains how to take the medicine and Mum and Mo are discharged home.

Jon And Patient         Playroom

Meeting the doctor                                               Playroom

Parent Information

One parent can stay overnight with their child whilst they are admitted onto Sunshine Ward and a Parents room is available for use and to make hot and cold drinks and have someting to eat. Meals are provided for all patients and breastfeeding mothers. Daily Car Parking permits can be purchased at Main reception.

Parents Room

Parents Room

Location: Level 3, Bernard Meade Wing, Enter via Hospital Main Entrance

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