Having an Operation

Mo The Owl

Mo has come into hospital today to have an operation.

Mo was woken up really early by his Dad this morning. He was not allowed any breakfast and Mo is feeling a little hungry.

Mo arrives at the Day Surgery Unit and is shown to his bed for the day. A nurse takes his heart rate and other observations.

The nurse puts some magic cream called ‘Ametop’ on Mo’s hands. Later on the doctors will put a small needle into Mo’s hand, the magic cream helps to stop this from hurting. Mo also has his own wristband on. It says ‘Mo Momentum’ and the day he was born.

Dad helps Mo get changed into a hospital gown. It is a bit big for Mo but he can put his own clothes back on after the operation.

The doctors come to talk to Dad about the operation and ask him a few questions about Mo.

Shortly after, the nurses take Mo the Owl and his Dad down to theatres for his operation. Mo meets some more nurses and doctors when he arrives at the theatre, and they ask him his First Name, Surname, and Date of Birth. The doctors and nurses take off Mo’s magic cream. Mo feels a little nervous and squeezes Dad’s hand whilst the doctor puts a small needle and tube in the other hand. The doctor is really quick and Mo doesn’t realise it has already been done. A teddy plaster is placed over the small tube to help keep it in place.

Sometimes the doctors use a mask with a special balloon to help you fall asleep for your operation. The doctors decide not to use this for Mo and instead they give the small tube in his hand a drink of a white liquid, which looks just like milk. Mo starts to feel a little sleepy and Dad gives him a big kiss. Before all the milk is gone Mo is fast asleep. The doctors and nurses take Mo into theatre whilst he is fast asleep.

Mo wakes up shortly after but he still feels a little sleepy. There is a kind nurse who is looking after him. When he feels more awake Mo’s Dad comes in and takes him back to his bed in Day Surgery.  The nurses take his observations, much like they did before he went for his operation.

Once Mo is fully awake he starts to feel hungry. First he has a few sips of water and then he has some food to eat. Mo eats all of his food and feels much better.

The nurses and doctors talk to Mo and his Dad about what to do when they leave hospital. Sometimes the nurses and doctors may give you some medicine or medical supplies to go home with. 

Location: Day Surgery Unit, front of Hospital

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