Mo The Owl

Every few months Mo goes to Paediatric Outpatients to see the Paediatric Doctor. Mum books Mo in at reception and they wait to see the Paediatric Doctor. Sometimes, like today, Mo has to wait a little to see the Doctor but there is plenty of things that Mo likes to play with while he waits, and there’s other children he can play with too. It’s warm today and Mo goes on his favourite toy; the big red train in the garden.


Outpatients reception

The nurses check Mo’s weight and height and see how tall he has grown. Sometimes the nurses might take your blood pressure, ask you to do a wee in a little pot or put some magic cream on your hands in case you need a blood test.

The Doctor calls Mo and his Mum into the Clinic Room. The doctor talks to Mo and his Mum about how Mo has been getting on at home since his last appointment. Sometimes the Doctor might listen to your chest or carry out other examinations.

Mo and his Mum say goodbye to the Doctor and book another appointment at Reception before they go home.

Location: Level 3, Bernard Meade Wing, Enter via Hospital Main Entrance


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