Blood tests for children under 7 years old

Please note that for children over 7 years of age, they can have blood tests booked via the hospital blood test booking system.

They will still need to bring request forms or have the requests available on the hospital computer system.

How do I book a blood test for my child?

Your GP practice can book the test if they have asked for your child to have blood tests taken. If the test is urgent, they will request this from us and we will let you know an appointment time.  If the test is not urgent (i.e. routine), this can be booked directly by your GP practice or they may ask you to call us to book on 0208 934 6403.

Clinics run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 8.30am – 12.30pm. 

Please note: This is not a walk-in clinic.

If your GP has requested the bloods, they will give you a blood test form to bring with you. We regret that we cannot do the test without this form as we will not know what they require from us. Please note you need to have an appointment booked prior to attending the clinic.

If you have seen a hospital consultant or clinician, the request will be available digitally on the system. 

To help your child feel more comfortable, please talk to them before the appointment. Here are some photos they may find helpful so they know what to expect:

The Phlebotomy Room
The Phlebotomy Room

Please be aware that the phlebotomist can only take the blood tests that your doctor has requested. 

In general, the phlebotomist will take 2-3 blood sample bottles. This will depend on how many blood tests your doctor has asked for.  If you need any special preparation for these tests (eg: to have fasted or not eaten prior to the test, your doctor will tell you in advance).

The blood test is taken with a small needle and collected in a syringe before transferred to the blood bottle.

The blood sample will usually be taken from the child’s hand or inside elbow

To make it less uncomfortable, the phlebotomist (this is a person specifically trained to take bloods from children) can use a cold spray (which works instantly) or a numbing cream. Please note that the cream takes about 30min to work, so you need to come early for your child’s appointment or allow for some time to wait.

One of our phlebotomists at Kingston Hospital
cold spray
common blood bottles

A tray for equipment

How can I help my child cope with the blood test?

In the clinic room, there will be the phlebotomist and she or he might have someone to help. If your child is particularly anxious, Kingston Hospital also has a play team, who can help engage and distract your child. Do ask if you think this will be helpful.

It is normal for a child to feel worried about coming for a test and we try to make the environment as calm and friendly as possible. Do show them the photos on this webpage so they are familiar with what the room will look like, and who they may meet.

We do find that if the parent/carer appears calm and relaxed, this helps the child feel this way too.  

Some of the members of the play team at Kingston hospital

How do I receive the blood test results? 

The blood test results will be sent to the doctor who requested the tests. If your GP requested the tests, the GP will be able to give you the results and discuss any further action as necessary. If they were requested in the hospital, the doctor requesting the tests will look at them and let you know if any action is needed. 

Please note that our administrative staff cannot give out blood test results as they are not trained in interpreting them. However, if they were requested by the hospital and you haven’t heard within three weeks, you can leave a message with our admin team who can alert the relevant doctor. The direct dial number is 0208 934 6403.

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