Accessing Medical Records

Accessing Medical Records

The general Data Protection regulations 2016 / Data Protection Act 2018 provides codes of conduct under which all organisations, including the NHS operate, when dealing with personal data.

Individuals are able to access their own records, and in some cases, certain third parties have the right to request copies of medical records.

Records could be requested under the following Acts:-

  • Data Protection regulations 2016 / Data Protection Act 2018 - For all living individuals
  • Access to Health Records Act 1990 – For deceased individuals (records created after 1991) and

To request copies of your medical records please click on the link below and complete the attached form. This as well as further information on how we handle your information can be found on the Freedom of Information Page

Before returning your completed application Form please ensure you have signed the Declaration and included the proofs of identity.

Application to access Health Records

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