The Dementia and Delirium Team

The Dementia and Delirium Team provide support and advice for patients living with dementia and those experiencing delirium, their families and carers.

The team provides a range of services which include supporting and assessing patients, providing therapeutic activities and support for the families and carers, across the inpatient wards and outpatient services.

The Forget-Me-Not flower is used as the symbol for dementia across the hospital. This is a way to positively identify that a person is living with dementia, to aid communication and improve understanding between staff and patients.

Please see the Delirium Leaflet below for more information on how to support someone who is experiencing delirium.

Meet the Team

Katie Hollis, Dementia and Delirium Clinical Nurse Lead

Kathryn Fry, Dementia and Delirium Service Lead

Clare Greenaway, Dementia and Delirium Clinical Nurse Specialist 

Vanessa Edwards,  Dementia and Delirium Clinical Nurse Specialist

Maria Evora, Therapeutic Activities Coordinator

Maria Fuller, Therapeutic Activities Assistant

Contact us on:

Mobile:- 07823402961


Top tips for caring for a person with dementia in hospital

Hospitals can be disorientating and frightening for someone with dementia, but there is a lot that can be done to make someone’s stay easier. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Let staff know that the person you care for has dementia.
  2. Ask for the name of the main Nurse, Ward Sister or Consultant who will be in charge of the person’s care.
  3. Ask that you are included in all decisions.
  4. Give staff information about a person’s individual preferences, likes and dislikes. Ask for these to be recorded.
  5. You can fill in the Important Things About Me leaflet, so we can learn more about the person with dementia and their family. Please use the link to download and fill it in. Alternatively you can ask the ward staff for a copy. These can be emailed to Dementia and Delirium Team on the above email or placed at the person’s bedside.
  6. Make contact with the Dementia and Delirium Team, to ensure they are aware of the person with dementia’s admission.
  7. If the person has trouble eating and drinking ask that they have someone to help them at mealtime or ask if you can help out (if you are able to).
  8. If appropriate, tell the staff what the person says or the signs they make when they want to go to the toilet or how they express if they are in pain.
  9. If a person is prone to becoming restless or wandering let staff know and work together to identify ways of helping the person.
  10. Ask staff to discuss with you what will happen when it is time for them to leave hospital so that you are prepared and know what support is available.

Families and Carers

Kingston Hospital is proud to support John’s campaign and we encourage close families and carers of patients living with dementia, to visit their loved one during their stay.

Visiting on therapeutic and compassionate grounds is available across the hospital’s adult inpatient wards for families who are visiting patients with delirium and /or dementia. This allows a close family member or carer to support the patient to access care. Please see our visitor information page for further information.

Carers’ Passports are available for families and carers who are visiting regularly. Ask a member of staff or the Dementia and Delirium Team for more details.

If you are a family member or carer and have concerns about a patient with dementia, please feel free to contact the Dementia and Delirium Team. Contact information is listed above.

Kingston Carers’ Network – support for carers

Kingston Carers’ Network (KCN) is a local registered charity providing free independent advice and advocacy, wellbeing and social activities, counselling, peer support groups, information and support to carers in the community.

Although KCN are in touch with over 3,000 adult carers in Kingston borough, there are many carers who are not accessing any support. To raise awareness of ‘hidden’ carers, KCN are working in partnership with Kingston Hospital and social care services, to ensure that carers who need advice, advocacy and support know where they can receive help. An important aspect of this has been identifying carers and providing a service to carers who are supporting someone who is a patient in Kingston Hospital and lives in the borough.

At Kingston Hospital, KCN specifically offer services to carers who are supporting a patient with dementia, or a patient over the age of 65.

For more information, visit the KCN website or watch the following short film:

Referring to KCN

Professionals can refer carers to Kingston Carers’ Network on their website by completing the appropriate referral form.

Carers who live in the Kingston, or care for a person who lives in the borough, can also contact Kingston Carers’ Network directly on 020 3031 2757 or email

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