Pancreatic Awareness month

11 November 2021

Pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed late. Nearly 50% of diagnoses are made via an emergency presentation and 88% of those diagnosed via this route will die within one year. Survival is 3 times higher for patients diagnosed via GP referral.

 Risk factors:

  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Being overweight
  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Diabetes


The symptoms of pancreatic cancer can be vague and varied and can include:

  • indigestion,
  •  abdominal pain and/or back pain,
  • unexplained weight loss, nausea,
  • loss of appetite, fatigue
  • , new onset diabetes,
  • or a change in existing diabetes and changes in bowel habit (both constipation or diarrhoea).
  • Jaundice

More information can be found on: .uk

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