5th December

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Claire Elsam

Midwifery Team Leader

Joined KHFT in 1998


What does your average day look like at KHFT?

Overseeing the smooth running of the birth centre. Unfortunately we cannot predict the workload that we will have on a daily basis so some days involve caring for families and helping to bring new lives into the world and other days involve organising rosters, tours of the unit and managing staff.

What makes you proud in your job?

The team that I have working with me in the unit and also receiving positive comments and feedback from people I have looked after. It’s lovely to hear what a difference you have made to people’s lives.

What is your highlight of 2018?

Taking part in the Giro Sardegna, a 6 day cycle race – and I didn’t even come last!

Favourite thing about the Festive Season?

Putting up decorations!

Tell us something about yourself that your colleagues may not know

In 2019 I am planning on undertaking ‘Chase the Sun’ which is cycling 205 miles in 19 hours leaving Kent at sunrise and trying to reach Somerset before sunset.


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