4th December

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Research & Innovation Team

The team formed in 2014

What does your average day look like at KHFT?

In any one day our research delivery staff can be completing a number of research activities across a variety of specialties in the trust. You can find us in outpatients, on the wards, or in clinics supporting clinicians in providing patient’s access to national and international, multi-centre studies that we are supporting locally. Our researchers and nursing team will go through all aspects of the study, including what to expect,  the risks and benefits and ensure that patients are fully informed and feel a part of the decision making process on whether to take part in the study or not. We will then go through any additional questionnaires, assessments, investigations or treatments that maybe required as part of the study and be there for the participants throughout their research journey.

What makes you proud in your job?

Helen Matthews (Director of Research) - Being part of an amazing research team of clinicians, patients and research delivery staff who have transformed the research culture at Kingston Hospital making us the most improved acute trust nationally for the second year in the row. Listening to patients and investigators who feel research has transformed the care we deliver.

Andrew Swain (Research Coordinator) – Enabling patients the opportunity to have greater choice in their treatment.

Charlotte Quamina (Research Coordinator) – Being able to provide patients with treatment opportunities at the forefront of medical advancement.

Isabel Bradley (Research Nurse) Working together with the multi-disciplinary teams and patients to provide the highest standard of holistic and individualised nursing care.

India McKenley (Research Apprentice) – working across multiple specialties and seeing how our research can benefit others in the future.

Jennifer Crooks (Research Manager) – Growing the research portfolio over the last few years and enabling so many more patients and staff to gain access to research that will help shape and inform the care we provide in the future.

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