22nd December

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Pharmacy Team


What does your average day look like at KHFT?

Our Pharmacy team works closely with medical and nursing staff to make sure patients get the most appropriate medicine treatment, advising on the selection, dose and type of medicine. We also provide medicines help and advice to our patients to support them in taking their medicines correctly - we have a helpline for patients to call if they need advice.

On a typical day pharmacists might be working with a multidisciplinary team (MDT) supporting ward rounds with consultant, junior doctors, nurses, patients and anyone else involved in a patients care. Having a pharmacist on every ward allows pharmacists to help with prescribing of medication, checking what patients are on when they are admitted and ensure the correct monitoring is carried out. Pharmacists and ward based technicians review patients’ medicines on admission, during their stay and discharge and pick up areas where we can improve a patient’s medicines to give them the most benefit. We get lots of questions from doctors and nurses about where medication is, how to give medications and a range of other medication queries.

The dispensary is where we dispense medicines for all of our in-patient, day treatment and discharges-it’s a very busy place!  Our Pharmacy stores staff also keep the whole hospital topped up with medicines whether its wards, A&E, theatres, ITU, clinics or maternity.

What makes you proud in your job?

We are proud we provide an essential service to our patients and being able to see the progression of a patient's journey from admission, to when they are well enough to go home. Sometimes what we do means a patient does not need to be admitted or we can help to get them home sooner or just make managing their medicines that little bit easier for them. We also work with a diverse range of patients and healthcare professionals - this allows us to work closely with a varied team that we can learn from too and occasionally have a bit of fun with!  

Happy Christmas from the Pharmacy Team.



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