16th December

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Volunteering Team


What does your average day look like at KHFT?

An average day for the team is full of a multitude of asks, for example

  • Planning and running recruitment campaigns, training and induction for volunteers
  • Answering queries from volunteers and staff colleagues
  • Create lots of amazing opportunities for our volunteers and extend the programme
  • Helping patients at discharge and for a further 6 weeks afterwards
  • Arranging events for volunteers
  • Monitoring and evaluating the involvement of volunteers
  • Measure the impact of volunteering services for patient experience
  • Building community partnerships and extending our expertise through volunteering (ie Hearing air support in local churches)
  • Raising awareness of hospital volunteering within the community, to give local people an opportunity to become actively involved.
  • Liaising with external organisations to develop our profile
  • Securing additional funding for projects (i.e. Macmillan and Kingston Hospital Charity)
  • Provide advice and guidance to other NHS trusts to develop their volunteering programmes

What makes you proud in your job?

We are really passionate about our volunteers and when patients, staff and volunteers themselves feedback what a great experience they have had because of the programme at Kingston it really puts a smile on their faces. We are proud to always aim to improve the quality, scale and impact of volunteering at Kingston. Our volunteers have won awards such as ‘Best Value NHS Support Service’ and the CQC have noted their contribution as Outstanding in the past.

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