14th December

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Palliative Care Team


What does your average day look like at KHFT?

The team CNSs (Clinical Nurse Specialists) start the day by reviewing the patients on the case load and establishing who needs to be seen. We are joined by the medical consultant, and other members of the team to allocate the patients. We also delegate any other tasks including service development projects, planning/delivering of teaching sessions to ward staff and attendance at meetings e.g. cancer multi-disciplinary meetings as well as contacting community services, such as local hospices as required.

The CNSs take it in turns to hold the main team bleep through which new patient referrals are triaged and then allocated amongst the team.

What makes you proud in your job?

Being able to make a positive difference to patients’ physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing. This includes supporting patients’ wishes e.g. around their preferred place of care and death.

Successfully facilitating rapid discharge of patients at end of life to their preferred place of care where the window of achieving this is narrow.

Supporting and observing ward staff delivering good end of life care and witnessing positive comments from patients and their family.

It’s always rewarding going the extra mile when the team can support patients unusual requests e.g. visit from pets, facilitating marriages etc.

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