11th December

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Health & Wellbeing Team

Jo Duffin - Mind-Body Practitioner

Diana Steadman - Staff Wellbeing Chaplain

Lauren Castledine-Wolf - Staff Health & Wellbeing Physiotherapist


What does your average day look like at KHFT?

Jo - It can be really varied - this year I have been doing a lot of 1:1 mind-body sessions. People come to me for all sorts of reasons, but the common thread is usually a sense of disconnection between mind and body. Whether that presents as physical aches and pains, stress anxiety and depression or other issues that are interfering with life. Our work together is to help start a new conversation between body and mind, a better way of being in your body that can help you live life more fully. Other times I can be working with a team, using different exercises to explore ways of being with each other and patients or staying fully present in difficult situations. By the end of the day I can be found in the Education centre teaching free Yoga classes to staff.

Diana - My day is usually a good mix of planned activities, like arranging and delivering training and running reflection groups, and being responsive to the pastoral needs of staff on a 1:1 basis.  Everything I do is underpinned by the desire to see people empowered and flourishing and all my work is reliant on collaboration and developing relationships of trust.  This means helping staff reflect on priorities, increase self-awareness, and encourage confidence and resilience.  I am available to provide support for distressing situations or confusing relationships at home or work by listening and helping staff gain clarity on their options and next steps.

Lauren - I work at Kingston every other Monday, every Wednesday and every Thursday. Each day is so different. I teach Pilates to staff Monday and Thursday mornings 07:45-08:30am and I also teach lunchtime classes on Mondays and Thursday’s. I also lead Circuits on a Wednesday’s 17:05-17:35pm. As well as classes I assess and advise staff on an individual basis for any musculoskeletal aches and pains as well as injuries. As a team, we are also quite involved with Staff induction as well as bespoke training sessions for teams and departments and so my day is often spend planning or delivering these.


What makes you proud in your job?

Jo - It is two things, in the Yoga classes I love the feeling of community that develops as the group gets to know each other. When I am working more closely with an individual or as students come more regularly to class, there can often be a palpable sense of relief as someone comes back home to their body. It is a privilege to witness that transformation.

Diana - The greatest privilege of my role is that I get to work with wonderful people in every nook and cranny of the hospital so can identify what is most important to staff both individually and collectively. I can then respond with creativity and flexibility, hopefully making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Lauren - I am incredibly proud to work in a hospital that prioritises their staffs health and wellbeing as much as Kingston is doing. I have worked in the NHS for 11 years and know first-hand how busy and fast-paced it can be. It is so great to be able to invest back into the staff and encourage and equip them to flourish at work and at home and live healthier and happier lives.




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