Equality and Diversity

At Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust we are working towards bringing equality to all the services we provide and are committed to being an organisation within which diversity is valued and appreciated, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief and sex or sexual orientation.

We want our NHS services to be fair, accessible and appropriate for our patients, their carers and visitors, and we wish to demonstrate the strides we are making to embed equality within our world class care values. We recognise that everyone is different and we value the unique contribution that individual experience, knowledge and skills can make in achieving our goals at all levels in the Trust. As a priority, we will continue to develop our organisational culture by providing whatever training and information is necessary to raise awareness of diversity and to deliver services that promote equality and embrace diversity which are valued by everyone who uses them.

We recognise that Kingston and the surrounding areas are made up of a variety of different communities, each with their own needs and priorities and we are working in partnership with our staff, people using our services and key stakeholders to reduce health inequalities. The diversity of our workforce and people who access our services bring a richness of cultures and lifestyles, driving the development of our annual equality work plans.

We aim to inspire our staff to embrace the Trust values – to be caring, safe, responsible, and to value each other and that this is pivotal in how they deliver their services and how they involve people who use our services so that they continue to have a great patient experience.

Equality and Diversity Committee Terms of Reference

Equality and Diversity Reports:

Statutory Equality and Diversity Report 2014/15

Equality and Diversity Report

Equality and Diversity Report 2016-2017

Equality & Diversity Annual Board Trust Report 2017

Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Workforce Race Equality Standards 2017/18

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Workforce Annual Report 2018-2019

Equality & Diversity Strategy 2019-2021

Equality & Diversity Milestones 2019- 2021

Equality & Diversity Action Plan – 2019-2020

Workforce Race Equality Standard Data for Kingston Hospital 2019

Workforce Disability Equality Standard Data for Kingston Hospital 2019

In line with the ongoing monitoring in relation to gender pay, we are committed to openness and transparency about what is available. Therefore we have published our parental leave policies here so that potential employees who are parents can make an informed choice of employer.  

Shared Parental Leave Policy

Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Policy


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