Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of The Friends of Kingston Hospital

3 July 2023

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of The Friends of Kingston Hospital

Monday 31 July 2023 at Midday

Seminar Room 3, The Education Centre, Kingston Hospital

The Committee would like to bring to the attention of all active members of The Friends of Kingston Hospital the Extraordinary General Meeting that is scheduled to take place on Monday 31 July 2023 at midday. In accordance with Rules 7(a) and 9 of the Friends’ Objects and Rules (the “constitution“) the Committee is seeking to ensure members are provided with at least 7 days’ notice of the above meeting.

At the meeting, we are asking members to discuss and vote on a recommendation by the Committee that the Friends should merge with Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust General Charitable Fund (charity number 1056510) (“Kingston Hospital Charity”) and in particular that, in order to facilitate the merger, the Constitution should be amended. 

The formal resolution that will be put to the meeting is as follows:

It is resolved that the Objects and Rules of The League of Friends of the Kingston Hospital be altered by adopting the revised Objects and Rules in substitution for, and to the exclusion of, the existing Objects and Rules.

Please note that, as described below, the effect of the changes to the Constitution will be that the current members will cease to be members of the Friends.

Please click here to read the notice of the meeting. The revised Objects and Rules is also attached to the notice of the meeting and marked ‘A’. The paper marked ‘B’ provides the Objects and Rules with track changes marked-up.

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