100 days to go until Kingston Hospital Goes Smokefree

Wednesday 24 June 2015

We're going smokefree - Healthier, Greener, Cleaner

From Thursday October 1st 2015 we will be going smokefree. This means that patients, staff and visitors will not be able to smoke anywhere in our hospital buildings, car parks and grounds. This includes all tobacco products, e-cigarettes and vaping devises.

Why are we doing this?

As a healthcare provider we are committed to promoting health and wellbeing and believe it is important to provide a healthier and fresher environment for all people who come to our hospital.

Smoking is the main cause of preventable and early death in the U.K.  It can also  affect how well some treatments and surgical procedures work, increases the risk of complications and can prolong recovery times and time in hospital.

This new policy is in line with The Health Act (2006) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance on smoking in secondary care services (2013) and NICE guidance on smoking Harm Reduction (2015)

What does this mean for me?

If you are a patient you will be asked about your smoking and offered support. Anyone seen smoking in the grounds will be asked to stop.

If you are having a planned admission, the best thing you can do is contact our local Stop Smoking Service, Kick-It who provide a clinic in our outpatients department and can also see you near to where you live. Tel: 020343442500 or You can also find your local stop smoking service here or | contact your GP and ask for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to use during your hospital stay. This will mean that you won’t crave for cigarettes during your stay and you can start using the product before you arrive if you wish. If you have an unplanned or emergency admission, you can ask any nurse or doctor to give you NRT to help with your nicotine withdrawal symptoms, and you can ask to be referred to the Stop Smoking Service for when you get home.

If you are a visitor to the hospital, please wait until you leave the grounds to smoke. Alternatively, you can get temporary help by purchasing nicotine products from Boots pharmacy in Outpatients.

Further information

If you would like some help and support to give up smoking please call: 020 3434 2500.


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