Faster Flow, Safer Care - Breaking the Cycle Week Day 9

Thursday 23 April 2015

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We've had another good today following a very difficult night yesterday.  Our attendances in A&E were high and admissions across the whole of yesterday were huge and far more than our predicted numbers.  We are predicted to admit 46, but yesterday we admitted 59.  This obviously puts pressure on the whole Hospital but I think teams have coped well and I feel like things are changing for the better. 

I've seen lots more early discharges this week and today we managed to discharge six of our 'golden' patients before 10.30am this morning.  This is all helping to get flow moving through the Hospital, but there is still more we can do to ensure we don't have beds on wards lying empty waiting for patients to come into them. 

I am also noticing more pulling together and working as a team. This has helped us throughout the week and I definitely feel that, as we reach the end of the week, our position is significantly better than it would have been normally. I am really proud of the team of discharge coordinators and there have been great  efforts made to get patients out on time. The discharge team has also had great support from the ward liaison officers and worked closely with them to get things in place for discharge.  It has also been a real help to be able to escalate issues to a wider pool of people this week. 

But obviously a big part of my team's job is working with our community partners who take on the care of many of our patients when they leave here.  We have to deal with 11 different community providers and we need to work together to simplify how we communicate across organisational boundaries and make those communications as consistent as possible. I would like to say thanks to Your Healthcare in Kingston and the Royal Borough of Kingston for all their help this week.  Finding beds is always a challenge and I know they have been doing as much as possible to help.

I want to end by saying well done to A&E as I just heard at our eveing de-brief they have cut their waiting time for triage down from almost an hour to 20 mins this week which is great for our patients. 






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